Sample topics – bachelor’s and master’s theses

  • The role of packaging in the process of creating the product’s image
  • Product placement, or product placement in the media
  • Persuasion in social advertising
  • How to build customer trust
  • Consumer behavior when shopping online
  • The role of marketing in tourism
  • Psychological mechanisms and techniques used in advertising
  • Marketing plan, and the development of a commercial and service company
  • Marketing research in enterprise management
  • Methods of testing the effectiveness and efficiency of advertising

Marketing is a very interesting field of study, drawing on the achievements of such sciences as: psychology, economics, sociology, accounting, statistics, finance, philosophy, and even ethnography. This is an ideal proposition for versatile people with a keen mind. The competences of marketing students are developed in the course of learning on many different levels, including analytical thinking, interpersonal communication skills, the ability to understand the behavior of other people, innovation, creativity, risk-taking and multitasking.

Marketing studies

Given the multiplicity and variety of information to learn, the student of marketing presents himself like a Renaissance man. With such dynamics of acquiring knowledge it is easy to deal with early learning. Problems begin when the studies are nearing completion. There is a time to start writing a Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis, while it is difficult to find a free moment even to come up with a good subject of the study. Hasty choice may make the work chaotic and uninteresting, and writing it a real torment. In such situations, it is worth considering the help of professionals.

Marketing: bachelor’s thesis

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Marketing: master’s thesis

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